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I cannot say enough good things about Christina from Mimsical Photography. She was recommended by a friend and I would now do the same in a heartbeat! Her professionalism, incredible talent and kindness has blown us away and make her stand out in her crowded field.

In only a few hours into the life of our little family, she capured the most precious, simple moments with so much detail and beauty. 
Simply be yourself, and you'll be amazed how lovely you'll find your life through Christina's lense; your daily chaos will become a beautiful backdrop to what matters most.

Christina provided us with a custom package that fit our budget (so thankful for this "small" detail!), it was so, so worth it. She even came back to see us after our event to capture baby in a better mood! Her contact info is saved and cannot wait to have her with us again as our family grows.

Forever thankful

A + T Nerd Engagement session

Christina truly works magic. Whether it's birthdays, engagement photos, weddings, or a traipse into the woods with a princess; she is amazing.
Her work always leaves me speechless! She is an inspired photographer who knows how to capture stories and moments, not just pretty pictures.
With her, you will be able to not only show people pictures, but tell them your story through art. I could not recommend her enough.

Amanda + Tyler

If you are looking for a photographer for any occasion, from day to day around the house, to a family BBQ, or even a big party, Christina is the one to get!
We’ve had the privilege of working with Christina twice now, and both times it has been a dream. 

Our first experience was a family afternoon at the beach followed up with dinner at my parents. I initially expected it to feel awkward having someone there photographing everything, but Christina blended in so well that she just became part of the family and we forgot all together that she was there photographing everything. Everything was so relaxed and laid back. When we received the picture gallery, I was shocked at how many pictures we had as I didn’t remember at all her taking so many! She was so discrete in her photography that the memories we got are so genuine. I was dealing with some PPD at the time and I can see this reflected in the photos, which bring out so much emotion looking back at them. The pure love and joy for my daughter that she captured in my parents is amazing to look at as well. At the end, she took a couple posed pictures, and by then we were so comfortable having her and her camera around that it was SO easy. No pressure to look or pose or turn a certain way, just some fun, smiling pictures looking at the camera. 

Our second experience with Christina was at our daughter’s first birthday party. She came early to get some set up pictures, and once people started arriving I forgot she was even there taking pictures. It was so comfortable having her there as there was no pressure to look a certain way, or pose a certain way. Everything was so relaxed and fun. She far surpassed my expectations with how quickly we received our pictures, especially with having 3 little ones at home! And the pictures she took - speechless. My husband repeatedly asked me if I had thanked her enough, and told her how incredible the photos are. The moments she captured are absolutely priceless, but I think one of the best things, again, is looking at the photos and not even knowing that they had been taken. There was never a camera in our face, never any pressure, and the moments captured of pure joy and love, the fun and the happiness, these are memories I will cherish forever. She captured my daughter’s spirit so incredibly, her essence and personality shines through in all of the pictures. She didn’t only take the smiling happy pictures, though there are lots of those, but she took the pictures where my daughter is a little confused, a little overwhelmed, a little curious. She captured her as the little person she is, and to me that is beyond words. 
I highly recommend Christina for all photography needs. I truly can't say enough good things about her and her work.

Lauren + Dan


We had such a great time doing our family photo shoot with Christina! She came to our home on super short notice (because we weren't sure how long our baby would cook for yet ;) ), and made herself wonderfully comfortable. She's so genuine and relaxed, which is especially important when you have a bunch of little kiddos that you're hoping will cooperate! The kids were so comfortable in fact that my son (who is my sweet shy guy most of the time) invited her to stay for hot chocolate when the pictures were done. She graciously accepted his invitation and we had a great visit! Thanks Christina!

Carolyn + Justin

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Carolyn + Justin: In Home Maternity Session



I knew that Christina would take exceptional photos and be accommodating and understanding, given her great personality. Her work has surpassed my expectations! I'm at a loss for words for how beautiful they are. I cannot wait to share them with my family! She truly has a gift and loves photography and I will not hesitate to recommend her.  I think our favorite part of the evening was playing around in our family's fave environment it felt so natural and makes a great memory

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{Amber: Popsan Park Lifestyle Family Story}

We loved having Christina do our wedding and engagement photos! She was as excited about the photos as we were! She's also great help in planning/scheduling the wedding day - she even knows how the dress should get done up :) She really goes the extra mile: bounding over snowdrifts to get the perfect picture or holding flower girls. Our photos were beautiful and we couldn't be happier with them! Accommodating, professional, affordable, talented and very very fun - she's got it all!!! -

Lynae and Tanner Ovinge

I am thrilled with everything about Christina and Mimsical! I came to her last minute and with my own ideas, and she graciously and quickly responded and worked with our family. We ended up with some gorgeous shots with beautiful lighting. She was calm and quick, never mind perfectly priced. Thanks Mimsical Photography!

Bijlsma Family


Absolutely love her photos she did for our wedding! Just beautiful did exactly what we wanted. She is a very easy person to get along with very understanding and on the plus side she is lots of fun. Would definitely recommend her to anyone. She did any amazing job. Would definitely get her to do all of my photos

Ian + Lisa Harris