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it's about to go down

You are the author,
I'll be the illustrator
This is your story. be BOLDLY you.

We're going to ditch the stiff, break out the hugs and have a really good time. I firmly believe that the photos I'm going to take for you will turn into real memories - in 1, 5 and 40 years from now. Memories of this day, of this time in your life.  Legacy is a big word, but that's what it's about. It's for you, it's for your loved ones. Photography that reminds you of the emotions you're feeling, the beauty in your life right now. Photography that gives you the story of your life. I use a candid, documentary approach so that you don't only have the classic "look at us smiling at the camera" prom pose photos, but you also get the laughter, the joy, the ooey-goey real-ness that is your life. 

I'll give you photographs that look like your memories


Simply be yourself,
you'll be amazed at how lovely you find your life

B+J Wedding-015.jpg

hey good lookin' whatcha got cooking?

Let's find what you're looking for



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Urban Chic Vow Renewal at Earls Yaletown-195.jpg



Roasting Marshmellow Family Session (10 of 12).JPG

Your story. Your peeps. Your memories

This is what matters to me