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Couple words I live by:
Be Kind. Do the things.

I feel like this is what speed dating would feel like. *cue awkward smile*   Boo. In cased you missed it the first time round, I'm Christina Voorhorst. Photographer extraordinaire and voted most likely to climb a tree. Like actually, because I really like trees and they give good angles. I have a sincerely cheesy sense of humour and spend alot of time laughing at myself, chances are you will too.

My most used phrases  are: awesome sauce. boom shakalaka. super stoked. easy peasy lemon squeezy.  I got you. 🙌 (seriously all the excited hand emojis) If I don't use one of those in the first conversation we have, I'll give you $5. 

I'm a mamma bear to three kids and wife so I say these things daily.  In my house, there is always room for one more in my heart and another spot at our table. I'd  love to share a good rum and coke with you. Maybe cook something. It's a beautiful thing this life we are creating and I've got the photos to prove it. Having kids means I'm good at multitasking, I'm good at working with different personalities, and I can remain calm in a storm (seriously, have you seen a 3 year old loose his favourite blanket? armageddon I tell you)

I care more about those deep and meaningful conversations that happen late at night than Pinterest perfection.  I love singing praise and worship around the fire or watching the latest Marvel movie. I will not buy your  MLM products unless it's Monat or Epicure. That stuff is gold. Straight gold.

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Real talk:

I have a terrible memory.

this is a good thing

it's why I take photos - to remind myself of what I might otherwise forget.  It's like a visual diary, each photo holds a thousand words or more and reminds me of the details of my life. I do it for myself, and I take it very seriously when you ask me to do it for you.

If you ask anyone who knows me they will say I love people. Cliche? Maybe. I'm a massive extrovert. We host outdoor movie nights at our place in the summer so we can have more people than our small rental can fit. You totally should come. 

I 'm all about  those mushy moments

Honestly, I feel like you just want someone to listen. To hear you, to see you and to care about you. My way of showing that I listen is by photographing the things you talk about. If it matters to you, then it matters to me too.

Can't wait to hear from you


Above photos provided by: Claudia Wyler Photography