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Sometimes, from the very first moment you meet someone new, you just know they have the kindest heart. That's how I felt after my first email from Genevieve asking me to photograph her daughter's birthday. She had heard my name from a friend and knew right away that my love for stories and her love for details would be a perfect harmony. Listen to her words from the letter she wrote me:

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. You must hear that a lot, but here's what that means to us!  I've always "obsessed" over details - as that is most often where I find true beauty and happiness. In the small, simple things that are missed by too many, yet, are the center of our world.
Our little girl has changed our life for the better. The curious, yet cautious look in her eyes, her little nose scrunched up when she smiles, her tiny hands softly holding ours, her light curls gently covering up to top of her ears, the way she sticks her little tongue out,...! and, the way you captured us with her, the looks, the hugs, the love... is all we were hoping for, and more. I'm so proud to be the mom in those pictures; I'm so proud that this little family, captured so perfectly, is mine (our kind of perfect ). It means so much more than you know!! 

Her words literally made me tear up. Maybe it's because I'm hormonal and my baby is still little - but this my dear friend is why I photograph from the perspective of telling a story. Because it's about the details. It's about the little things you might not even notice until they are over and you've missed them. It's about being able to relive moments that you might otherwise forget. It's saying that your life, right here, right now, has value.

So let me in. Be a little vulnerable. Be you. And you'll be surprised just how beautiful your life is right now.

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