{Everly} First Birthday Party | Surrey Bend Regional Park

If you are looking for a photographer for any occasion, from day to day around the house, to a family BBQ, or even a big party, Christina is the one to get! We’ve had the privilege of working with Christina twice now, and both times it has been a dream. 

This was our second experience with Christina was at our daughter’s first birthday party. She came early to get some set up pictures, and once people started arriving I forgot she was even there taking pictures. It was so comfortable having her there as there was no pressure to look a certain way, or pose a certain way. Everything was so relaxed and fun. She far surpassed my expectations with how quickly we received our pictures, especially with having 3 little ones at home! And the pictures she took - speechless. My husband repeatedly asked me if I had thanked her enough, and told her how incredible the photos are. The moments she captured are absolutely priceless, but I think one of the best things, again, is looking at the photos and not even knowing that they had been taken. There was never a camera in our face, never any pressure, and the moments captured of pure joy and love, the fun and the happiness, these are memories I will cherish forever. She captured my daughter’s spirit so incredibly, her essence and personality shines through in all of the pictures. She didn’t only take the smiling happy pictures, though there are lots of those, but she took the pictures where my daughter is a little confused, a little overwhelmed, a little curious. She captured her as the little person she is, and to me that is beyond words. 

I highly recommend Christina for all photography needs. I truly can't say enough good things about her and her work.

Lauren + Dan

Lauren + Dan are the kind of people who feel like home. I had the opportunity to work with them again since their sweet daughter Everly was going to be celebrating her first birthday! Lauren went with a Dr.Seuss themed party - and the decorations were incredible! From the delicious food, to the perfectly swirled cake it was incredibly apparent that Everly was a very loved little girl. The party started as the guests both big and small rolled in, and there were games and laughter every where. An incredibly bubbalicious bubble blower gave the little ones something to chase, and the delight in this simple machine was apparent on everyone's faces! Before we knew it, it was time for the cake! Everly had never had cake before so we were all curious about her reaction!

Check out her gorgeous expression below! I can't wait to share more memories with this family. I get to work with them throughout the year since we are doing a "Year in the LIfe" with them. The gift of being able to work with the same family consistently is really special to me, but even more so is the fact that I can call them friends.