{Ian + Lisa} Wedding | Lethbridge, AB

Ian and Lisa. Lisa and Ian.  A crazy whirl wind of emotion with these two. They had their share of struggles to get to this day, but when their wedding day came, it was truly glorious. It was the middle of summer, and if you look closely you might find that Lisa's face looks familiar. That's because she was the maid of honour at Michelle + Johnny's wedding, just the month before. These two best friends have been inseparable for a long time, so it was a complete pleasure and maybe just a little bit of a challenge to shoot for Ian and Lisa as well.

I met up with Lisa at Hair Behaviour in Lethbridge on a sunny Saturday morning. The first thing I noticed walking into the salon was Lisa's incredibly long and simply beautiful veil. She has a bit of a flare for the princess vibe and this crowning gem made sure I didn't miss that! After a good dose of pampering and preening and only one trip to the close by Shoppers for some last minute things, she headed over to Lisa's maid of honors home to get dressed.  Lisa's beautiful princess cut gown was a perfect vision of tulle and sparkle hanging out ready to be put on. 

When the girls were finished I had some time to stop by where the guys were getting ready near by. Let's be honest, we all know the guys take literally 10 minutes to get ready - dress shirt, buttons and a tie and they are good to go. Maybe some gel for good measure. Lisa and Ian's son was getting ready with his dad, and he wasn't too sure about me but he was even less sure about his dad doing his hair.

The ceremony was short and sweet. Held at the ROC Church in Coaldale, all the guests were treated to a lineup of beautiful women and one darling boy who stole the show. Ian did his best to maintain his cool and controlled expression but I'm pretty sure I saw a tear and a hard swallow when Lisa came up the isle. 

The bridal party loaded up and we headed down to Indian Battle Park in Lethbridge for the formal pictures. Lisa wanted something a bit different, and since I'm always up for a new place and a new perspective we set up under the bridge for some pretty rad shots. We had a great time, laughing and joking and maybe some good natured boob brushing along the way.  Though I have to admit, Ian's wedding band is probably one of the most interesting designs I've seen so far!

A scrumptious dinner at the Italian Canadian Club rounded out the evening, and there was dancing and joy to fill the hall. I asked Ian and Lisa if it would be okay to sneak out for a couple minutes just after dinner so that I could capture some shots of just them and their little boy. They were totally up for it, a little slice of quiet and some family time. I'm so glad I did because those final images are some of my favorites from the whole day.

I know sometimes the key to a really incredible marriage is being able to go through good times and bad with each other. At the end of the day relying on each other for constant building up and support. I really wish Lisa and Ian the absolute best as they begin the rest of their lives together - a continual joy in every day.