Frequently Asked Questions:

How does a Beauty + Boudoir Marathon work?

A marathon simply means a day or two where several photoshoot times are available! I've sourced a super fantastic location for the marathon - Princess and The Pea B &B and the days are set for May 12 + 13! I'll have a hair + makeup artist on site for those wanting to glam itup, and of course sweet treats and champange while you get ready! There are several time slots available, and you can find the breakdown over on the INVESTMENT page.

Stripping down to my skivvies kind of terrifies me!
Don't stress! Everyone feels that way - it's incredibly vulnerable of you! The sweet thing about boudoir is YOU get to choose what you're comfortable with. I will not ask youto do ANYTHING you don't want to! We usually start with a simple modest outfit - whether it's a beautiful dress, a lace shirt or a comfy sweater.  Something you feel good in! You know the one that you would wear on a date night and look in the mirror and go "Mannn girl you look AMAZING." that one! It helps you get used to the idea of being photographed and I promise you'll relax <3

Then when you're comfy, relaxed and feeling confident (WHICH YOU WILL!) we move on to the more risque mode! Bring whatever you want  - it can be anything from a silky gown, a comfy t-shirt or corsets and stockings and if you're feeling good, anything else! The biggest things is that you choose clothing that makes you feel good. There is no obligation to strip down any farther than you want - it's all about your comfort and most importantly you feeling amazing about yourself! I'll ask before hand what your comfort level is and I won't go past that unless you ask. You are safe with me - I want you to be comfortable, confident and most importantly feel amazing!

How do I get to see my pictures and will my pictures be posted online?

All images are delivered in a private, password protected gallery. The only one who sees them are you and me. And whoever you choose to show them to. Your images will NEVER be posted online without your express written permission.  If you are okay with them being posted, I always double check with you before posting. Some women opt for no sharing, some opt for sharing only non-face images, some opt for sharing them all. It is 100% up to you

I'm not a size two like the pictures I see, is it even worth it to book a session?
Of course! Women come in all shapes and sizes and that is wonderful. Almost everyone has something that they don't feel confident about, but I am here to show you that you are beautiful from head to toe! Every SINGLE one of the women in my portfolio gallery were self concious about something - legs, arms, tummy - you name it. But do you see flaws? nope. That's because it's MY job to make you look incredible

We spend way too much time tearing ourselves down, and we are own worst critics. We are constantly surrounded by ads, magazines and images that make us feel less than perfect. But the reality is that YOU ROCK RIGHT NOW.

This photo session will make you feel amazing, and make you see that you look amazing too! I aim to help you find that inner confidence that has maybe been hiding for a bit. If you aren't sure, book a beauty session. You'll get to see just how incredible you truly are

I'm still really self conscious about this certain part about me. Can you avoid it or photoshop it?

I have a pretty sweet little survey for you to fill out when you book a session with me, and part of that asks exactly this! If there is something you are conscious about I will make sure I take extra care with complimenting that feature. But let's be honest, by the time we are finished you will love everything! I do touch up blemishes, stray hairs and whiten teeth and other little pizzazy secrets.  I won't make you drop 15 lbs because you are beautiful right now just the way you are. 

Okay but I have NO idea about posing or what looks good!

Don't worry! That's why you aren't taking the pictures! It's my job to make you look your best, and I'll walk you through all the flattering poses, and all the laughter. Everyone comes in feeling awkward and self conscious but by the end you will ROCK IT! It's normal to have nerves, it's a new experience. But I promise you will feel like a true bombshell by the time you walk out the door!

How do I prepare + What should I bring?

Drink lots of water the week before the session. It'll help clear up any blemishes, and make your skin all glowy. Apply moisturizer regularly to your body and give it some pampering love before hand. On the day, wear comfy loose clothes. If you're expecting a boudoir session, please don't wear a bra (hello bra lines) for a few hours before hand. 

Bring: Your favorite things. All sessions include two outfit changes and it's sometimes nice to have a second opinion on what looks good. I'd rather you bring too much then not enough! so some suggestions are
    * 2-3 matching bra/panty sets
    * plain white/grey  t-shirt/husbands shirt
    * Silk teddy
    * lace/silk robe
    * corset + stockings
    * heels

Who will be at the session?

Me! I like working one on one, it makes it less stressful for you and we have alot of fun. Be prepared, I'm a dork.

Horray I'm Ready to book! Now what?
 Wonderful! I hope you're as excited about this as I am! Click over there ---->