Engagement photography is about Taking a minute and just freaking out with excitement! You're ENgaged. Yes!

You want to remember this time forever. How?

By answering this simple question:  What do you like to spend time doing together?
Then say hello to photos you actually want. Doing something you love. With your favourite person.  When you're engaged it's a unique season in life - and I really think that it should be documented in an authentic way. In 5, 10 years maybe you'll have a couple kiddos running around, or maybe you'll have moved from this place. This time in your life is usually characterized by selfies and cellphones, but I'd like to offer this as another option. Let's talk about you and what you love to do together and turn it into the best date ever with a third wheel. 

Goodbye stuffy. hello Rad.
Boom shakalaka

Romantic + Rustic

Hanover Homestead

Meaningful History

Gary Point Park

{A+K} Engagement-111.JPG

Off to the Markets

Vancouver Christmas Markets

Day at the Fair

Playland, Vancouver

Camping + Fishing

Hicks Lake Provincial Park

Outdoor Explore

Old Orchard Park

Casual Breakfast

Langley Townhall Pub

Kids at Heart

Stormcrow Tavern + Castle Fun park

Backyard Hike

North Vancouver