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I start with getting to know your family. What's your normal. What are your favourite places? What do you love about your spouse, about your children, what do you want to treasure right now? When I know what's important to you, it lets me be able to focus on your story. Your heart.

Q - Um I have no idea what is important to me, and quite frankly we are a bit boring! What would you want to photograph in my life?

Before every session, I send out a client questionnaire. It's pretty detailed and it asks you questions like "What does it look like when Dad loves the kids" or "what's your favourite thing to do with your family." It helps me get an idea of what is normal for your family. Are you outdoorsy and love fires? Are you snuggle-at-home-and chill people? Every family has it's own loves, and it's these things that will make up what I photograph for you! Check out below for more ideas outside the home

We can have a bit plan for what will happen during the session:  certain parts of your day may hold more value to you. Is it your morning routines and slow Saturday wakeups? Is it making supper together or is it the family game night that you really crave? Specific activities with your family that you really all love are perfect ideas for a session!

Q - We do spend a lot of time at home, and I love the idea of memories in my house. But seriously - my house is dark and boring and desperately needs a paint job.

Honestly, I hear this more times than not. But I promise, your house isn't too dark, it's not boring and the paint job won't even be noticed. Your house is your home.  Your home where memories are being created, your kids don't notice the old couch that needs replacing. They see a home filled with loved ones. They remember walls echoing with laughter and that big ol' bush that was perfect for hiding in. Your home is beatiful because it's yours.

Q - But we fight. Alot. Like there are teens in the house, or toddlers going on 16 and I feel like there is more yelling then I actually want to remember.

Welcome to reality! I mean that in the best way. Sometimes there are days where as parents we feel like we  just yell, or tell others not to yell. We feel like bickering fills everything. It's completely normal and the best part - almost never shows up in a session with me. I make it my goal to encourage kindness and connection in the family. When I'm there, you get to focus on each other (I do suggest putting down the phones at least for a bit) and doing something you love with each other. Sure, me and my husband check facebook daily - but we also put our phones down and play games with the kiddos. Or go outside and work together. Or go for a walk. It's those kinds of real life connections that my photography will capture. I do try to get to know each of your family members, and make them feel comfortable. I'll tell lame jokes so people relax and sit on the floor and ask about dinosaurs. It's my job to make you comfortable so the magic can happen.

Q - I'm ready for you to come over, but now what?

On the day, I’ll shoot for anywhere from  2 hours or to  your full day. Authentic moments of emotion & connection don’t come pre-packaged in a short time slot, and I want you to just may forget that I’m there.  I will spend the first 10-15 minutes from arriving at your home doing a walk through of your home, finding your favorite places and letting your family get used to my presence. You don't have to "do" anything. I'll act like a guest and soon I'll feel like a friend.  You don't need to entertain me, or feel like you need to talk to me the whole time.  My favourite compliment is "I didn't even notice you take that photo" I have no problem with little ones looking at my camera, and I often find showing them what I'm doing helps them feel more comfortable with my camera too! After 10 minutes you probably won't even notice that I am taking pictures anymore!

Q- Oh I forgot, how do I prepare my house for our session with you?

Nothing at all. That is if you want to - I am completely capabale of avoiding piles of laundry and focusing on the joy in your kids faces. I'm not going to stop and say "Oh man this room is a MESS. You need to clean this up before I take any pictures in here>" Because let's be honest - a house with a family means there is GOING to be stuff out of place. Toys will be dumped. Food will fall on the floor. But just the like the photos below - the focus isn't on the things out of place. The focus is on the fun going on.  If you want to clean, go ahead. Every family has it's own normal and I want you to be comfortable, and peaceful in your own home. But I promise you - clean, tidy, or lived in -  I won't make you regret your decision.

Q- I do love the idea of the unposed and natural - but would it be possible to get a family portrait too?

Of course! I like to think of my sessions as 90% documentary and 10% portrait. This means that usually at some point during the session (if you request it) We pile outside or on to the couch or down to the beach for a quick family picture. I like to do this during the middle/end of the session when everyone is happy and relaxed around me. I don't make a big fuss of perfect posing but rather strive to capture your family in the relaxed crazy that it is.  Chances are pictures from this portion still involve lots of hugs and kisses and telling funny jokes. I avoid saying "say cheese" but rather make the children actually laugh.  As far as individual portraits, I do my best to take them throughout the day so you get real smiles instead of forced

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Q - What if I don't want a session inside my home. Are there any other options?

Of course! We don't create all our memories at home, in fact we create them in a hundred different places! Here are some examples:
Daily Life Sessions :
- The afternoon bus-stop walk
- A trip to the Grocery Store (or farmers market)
- Swimming lessons
- Visiting grandparents
- An afternoon barbecue at the beach
- getting  ice cream!

Adventure Sessions:
- A hike up a favourite mountain
- Four wheel Driving trip
-  A day at the Lake
- Watching a parade
- Attending a festival
- taking a ferry trip

Q - What happens after?

I say goodbye, I head home and load up all the images onto my computer. Usually it takes me 2-3 weeks to go through and choose and edit the perfect images for you. I'll post a couple sneak peeks on facebook (if that's okay with you) and then I'll deliver the final product to you! ---> Please note, my pricing and product offering is going to be restructured in March 2018 so stay tuned for those details!


Documenting your story - the tears, the messy dishes, the kids running around in their undies. Whatever makes up your life right now - that's what I'll document. It's real. It's raw. It's beautiful. If you want to wear pjs all day like we do at my house, that's awesome. If you're a hair done and dressed at 8 am family that's wonderful too. Everyone comes with different priorities, with different normals. And I'm here to capture it all. You might be surprised at how beautiful your home and life is from my viewpoint.

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