Q: Where are you located?
I am currently located in the incredible Fraser Valley, British Columbia (Langley to be exact!) until August 2019. THEN I’M MOVING TO EDMONTON (Whhhaat?!) I know right. The appeal of owing our own home again, space for the kids to run wild… ahem free, and the cost of living was too good to pass up. So from August 2019 onwards I’ll be based out of Edmonton!

Q: Why does where you live matter?

Honestly, it doesn’t. Okay well, it does a bit. For things like face to face meetings and such like stuff. For my Edmonton Brides, nothing will be different. I’ll live and work close by to you. I’ll be able to invite you over for dinner, deliver your images in person and generally be around for you!

For my BC brides, it also doesn’t matter! I spent 3 years in the valley and I know it very well. My wedding packages for BC start at $3000 for an 8 hour wedding which basically allows me to include travel for that price! SUHWEET. I have family in BC that I stay with when I fly out, I’m a seasoned traveler and I take all the steps and precautions to make sure I will be there for you no matter what! I really really love BC - and I’d love to be a part of your day especially if it means spending time in BC!

Q: What is your photography style?

I have a strong love for documentary photography  - telling the story as it really is. I like the people. ALOT. Documentary means I’ll always choose the person laughing over an empty-room photograph hands down every time. Does this mean no details? uh no!  I use the details of your day - the flowers, the setting, the thought you've put into your day - and use it as a backdrop on your story. I aim to be unobtrusive and everywhere - giving you real laughter and really badass photos. I take it as a big compliment when people say they didn't notice me but then I can give them all these incredible photos. I fit seamlessly into your day in a way that compliments and doesn't draw attention. I want you to look at the photos and say "I remember when..."  

Q: Does that mean you don't pose anything?
Oh man, no siree bob! Trust me,  I know how important those legacy photos are - you with your mum and dad, or grandparents or in-laws or stepparents or siblings. I pride myself in being able to work quickly to make those family photos a quick and enjoyable time for everyone. (Seriously, ask me about my custom Family Shot list) It's incredibly special to be surrounded by your family on your wedding day, so we will make sure those happen! When it comes to the bridal party I like to mix traditional posing with a good dose of fun. We tell jokes, we laugh, we try fun things. These people are your tribe and you best believe if you're cray-cray we'll be doing shots at the bar.

Q: What’s it like working with you?

I’m sweet as a button and moms + dads love me. hehe. Okay but in all seriousness, I like to have fun. I like to make you laugh and since I’m pretty cheesy that won’t be a problem I’m allll about make you feel heard, loved and confident in ANY situation. I got your back, I’ll encourage you, be your biggest cheer leader, make sure you’re standing in the best light and quietly work my magic so you don’t feel like I’m being intrusive. If I can melt in to your life for a time, connect with you and your loved ones, capture the essence of your day then I’ve done my job. Honestly the best way to get to know what it’s like is to read my reviews! I have over 25 glowing reviews of people who were once in your position and came out the other side as huge fans.

Q: What do you show up with on a wedding day?

It's a growing list but I'll pack along to every wedding the following gear: Canon 5DMiii + Canon 7Dmii, 85mm, 35mm, 24-70mm, 16-35mm lens and of course 3 flashes, and a couple other things that I use dependent on the venue (like lighting stands, bounce cards, handheld LED lights ect) I like to mingle with the guests and be right in the middle of the action so I keep my camera low key and unobtrusive. 

Why does this matter? My cameras both have dual card slots so  every image I take gets recorded on two seperate SD cards so you don't have to worry about loosing anything. I have backup camera so that if something breaks, it won’t affect your coverage. I have everything I need to make sure you. look. good.

Also, I follow a business casual dress code - unless your wedding is black tie then I amp it up a notch with a dress. I will NOT show up in lululemons I promies.

Q: Do you deliver every image you shoot?

Trust me. You do NOT want every image I take! One of the first things I do when I get home and begin working on your wedding is something called culling. I go through, and pick the best of the best for you. You don't want the pictures where the angle is bad, the focus is missed, or it is blurry or the lighting is wonky. You need images that tell your story clearly - I often take several of the same photo from slightly different angles and then choose my favorite in the culling process. Also, I love candid shots. There will be a-lot of them taken but sometimes - as I'm sure you've experienced in your photos - there are unflattering facial expressions and positions. So I nix those and give you the best of the best

Q: Do you offer albums + print options?

Uh yes. Please! You'll be able to order prints, canvases and more from your online gallery. And make albums and order frames and ALL THE THINGS. I think photos belong on walls and in homes, not just on hardrives #printyourmemories. If you want to learn more about albums click on that image there:

Q: What's your turn around time?

As you might of noticed, I'm a mum to 3 adorable kids. They like to eat food regularly, and go to the park from time to time.   For that reason, my turn around time is around 5-8 weeks MAXIMUM. I promise you though, I work hard for you. I'll keep you updated with sneak peeks and let you know how it's going! I also deliver within one week of your wedding a Highlight Reel - approximately 100 images that is a snapshot of the whole day to tide you over until you receive the entire final product.

Q: I love you're work and want to book now! How do I reserve you for my wedding date?
ooooo I knew it! You're amazing and I would love to work with you - so come hit up my Book Now form and we can get this party started! I require a signed contract + $500 deposit to secure your date.