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Your wedding is for you.
All your FAVORITE People coming together
All Your FAVORITE things around you

Let's be real for a minute - your wedding is going to be the best. Why? One simple reason - it's yours.
This is will be full of new memories, new joys, new laughter.  A new day just to celebrate you.  I know will be able look back on the story of the two of you, and see how it's brought you to this day. It's a really big freaking deal.  Your guest list is full to the brim of loved ones  and this one day everyone comes together to celebrate you. As your photographer, I have the job of seeing those memories being created, seeing those tears and smiles and laughter and I get to capture it all for you.  Things that matter to only you. Things that are important for the both of you. This is the story about stuff that really hits home. In one year, twenty years or hopefully 50 years. This day matters.
You're going to want the photos to reflect your personalities, just like every detail of your day will. I will give you that.

You do you - I'll be there 


Wedding Packages start at $1500

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Christina is so funny,she makes you feel so comfortable in front of the camera

..that really shows when you get the photos back.Hands down!!! Best photographer..she will work her but off to make any of her clients happy,any demand that you have can be achieved.

Tarynn + Tyler



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